Saturday, January 2, 2010

Out With the Old, In With the New?

Throughout the United States, millions of Americans are demanding that new faces with new ideas and new energy enter the political arena.

Chris Paige is running for the Republican nomination for congress in Pennsylvania's 11th Congressional District. Some have voiced concerns about voting for a Democrat turned Republican and have wondered if the conversion is real. Asked about it, Chris responded as follows. Judge for yourself-- Mike Avery.

Chris Paige's words:

To begin with, I always start with what I wrote on my website.

To until recently, I was a Democrat because I believe that government should protect the powerless from the powerful, but President Obama and (11th Congressional District) Congressman Kanjorski have transformed the Democratic Party into the powerful from whom we all need to be protected. In the words of Ronald Reagan, "I didn't leave the Democratic Party; the Democratic Party left me."

Weren't the Democrats supposed to be the party of science and reason? Yet, Congressional Democrats want to devastate our economy in order to combat an imaginary "global warming crisis."

Weren't Democrats supposed to protect our seniors? Yet, Congressional Democrats want to cut $500 billion from Medicare. I don't want to live in a country where some banks are too big to fail while some people are too frail to save.

Weren't Democrats elected to rejuvinate our economy after eight years of reckless government spending, catastrophic government deficits and inflationary monetary policy? Yet, Congressional Democrats' only response is even more government spending, even higher government deficits, and even more inflationary monetary policy. They even appointed President Bush's choice to lead the Federal Reserve! Hope and Change? We had better hope we change direction soon, or we'll need to hope someone spares us some change.

Quite frankly, you will find that I am true to my ideals, not my party. As your Congressman, I will represent your interests, and I will defend your values, even if that means I must defy my party. For years now, we have been ruled by politicians who were more loyal to their parties than their ideals; isn't it time we elect someone who is more loyal to his ideals? Anyone else remember those so-called "Republican" majorities that voted for record-high government spending and enormous budget deficits under President Bush? Anyone else remember when President Bush supported TARP and the auto bailouts?

Let me ask skeptical Republicans a philosophical question: who best represents the Republican Party's values? A candidate who supported TARP, big government and big spending while nominally calling himself or herself a Republican, or a candidate who opposed these policies even when they were advocated by so-called "Republicans?" Now,let me ask dubious Democrats another philosophical question: if a candidate wants to cut Medicare while bailing out banks, is he still a Democrat? When it comes to party identfication, we all need to ask ourselves this question: are we rooting for our team to win or are we fighting for our ideals to triumph?

Although I know people think I might betray them when I'm in DC, I think it's important to note that my opponent (in the primary) Mayor Lou Barletta has already betrayed our values:

He raised property taxes 70%.
He raised income taxes by 87.5%.
He believes that the government can close budget deficits through higher taxes
rather than spending cuts.
He raised Hazleton's budget deficit by 66%.
He believes in a "carbon constrained" future
He wants to "invest" taxpayer money in alternative energy.
He wants to require us to carry "identity papers" which we would have to
present for routine commercial transactions.

Big taxes, big spending, big deficits and big government: how is that different than Congressman Kanjorski?

Finally, I ask skeptics to read what I have written on my blog - do you think that I could have faked all of those detailed thoughts and arguments? If so, it's quite an elaborate plot.

I'd be happy to meet with anyone and/or to subject myself to any interview because, frankly, I enjoy speaking with people about my ideas - that's the best part of campaigning.

Cheers. Chris.

Chris Paige's website and blog can be viewed at

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