Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You & the PAGOP

Here is a message sent directly to the PAGOP state committee as the result of a request from one of its members. These are suggestions that hopefully will play a part in bringing the Pennsylvania GOP back to its roots as a party working for the benefit of the people and not just for themselves. At the end of Part I, and again at the end of Part II, there is an E-mail address where you can send your own suggestions. Hopefully, you will.


We are facing the most important elections for us in many years.

Problem: The mood of the country. Political machines are being rejected by all Americans, and in the GOP, the "old guard" is looked upon as being the reason why the Republican party is at a low point in the opinion of... get this... Republicans. See Rasmussen link below: 75% of Republicans say GOP is out of touch with... Republicans.

Biggest lesson from Massachusetts:

Scott Brown didn't win because of the Republican party. He won because he has a message easily understood by disgruntled Americans, but mostly because Tea Party oriented Republicans and Independents from throughout the country and in Massachusetts rallied to his support.

Solution: Bring "street-level" Republicans into the party as leaders of the party. To most Republicans, the GOP at the national, state and local levels is viewed as having a "Newcomers Not Wanted" sign above its doors.

In a Rasmussen poll conducted recently in Florida, if an election were held today, 36% of voters would vote for a Democrat, 23% for a Tea Party candidate, and 18% for a Republican. Other polls taken throughout the country since then show that in many areas, a Tea Party candidate will win over both the Democrat and the Republican candidate in a three way race.

On the PAGOP state committee endorsing candidates for nomination: It is suggested that the nomination process is better left to the voters and the candidates without interference from any GOP involvement, especially right now when the Republican party is held in such low esteem by the Republicans who actually do the voting in numbers large enough to nominate someone.

The Teaple have spoken. More later. Rasmussen link is below.

75% of Republicans say GOP is out of touch with... now get this... Republicans!

E-mail address for YOUR suggestions to the PAGOP:


On bringing the "Teaple" into the GOP. Suggestions:

The first step the GOP must take is to understand that the Tea Party movement is mostly made up of disgruntled Republicans and Independents.

The second step is to accept that there are more Rpublicans in the Tea Party movement who reject the GOP than there are "old guard" Republicans who go along with any candidate the GOP selects. And among all voters, there are more Teaple than Republicans, and the Teaple will not accept any "old guard" candidate from any party.

The third step is to accept that all of the above is true and is supported by virtually all of the major polling organizations.

And the fourth step is for the GOP to reach out to the "street level" Teaple for party leadership, direction and for candidates.

By implenenting all four of the above, the GOP will become representative of all of the American people, not just themselves. And wouldn't that be refreshing.

YOUR suggestions to:

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