Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Conservatives vs. GOP

If you are a conservative, may it be suggested that you DO NOT work to be accepted by the Republican party, but rather work to take over the Republican party. And... if you happen to be a third-party advocate, may it be suggested that you also direct your efforts toward taking over the Republican party, because within the party you will find many who are just as angry with the "old guard" GOP as you are.

So, how can you have influence in this "take over" process? Again, a suggestion: E-mail, write, call your local & state GOP Committees and let them know that you WILL NOT vote for any GOP-endorsed candidate unless he/she has solid Conservative credentials, or is a candidate who has emerged from the Tea Party movement. Important: encourage your like-minded friends to do the same.

And please don't forget that old standby: write Letters to the Editor.

Finally, an opinion: Scott Brown's strong showing in Massachusetts is not because of the Republican party, but because Scott Brown is a Conservative and proud of it. There's a lesson to be learned here.

Together, we can make all this happen.

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  1. The Conservative Party NEEDS the Tea Party's support and it's time for the GOP-no, it's time for the entire House to see fresh blood. Term limits on the Senate should go into effect, just as the POTUS.
    A Conservative Republican wins my vote IF and only IF his background reflects Conservative views and he is someone to stay true to the ppl of America. However, a Third Party (Tea) will not win under that ticket YET they will win if consolidated into a reformed Republican Party which we can force. As you said Mike, calls, letters, emails etc. So important to spread those words of encouragement. This is the time to take OUR country back and return it to the Constitutional structure it was formed under, we have the say so and we can be bullies pushing and shoving if need be!! But, their past record of voting or life in general needs to be closely considered to be certain they will not become a RINO. Most do not approach politics with that in the back of there mind but when it's time for re-election watch out. Especially in the Senate. They kiss ass to get their campaign money and their actions no longer reflect their original values! TERM LIMITS IS A MUST!!
    My greatest fear is a Conservative Candidate that runs under a Rep stance will not have the support needed to win due to another Conservative competitor that is from the Tea Party. Therefore, causing a landslide for the Dems as the Conservative vote may be divided. What do we do if there's equal interest between a (R) and an (Independent). We are all sick of the Rep party due to the destruction they have brought upon themselves (RINO) and America. The name in and of itself leaves a sour note of discord. Yet, I am hearing that Jim DeMint may be a potential Conserv (R)and that man is exactly what our country needs.
    Bottom line, what will happen if us, the good guys, have a divided vote due to two good candidates???? Lets say two EXCELLENT candidates from the (R) and the (I)??

    Hey Mike, thanks for the postings and the hard work you are putting into the party of 5. Maybe I dont say it enough but I really appreciate your friendship and value your opinion w/ great respect.