Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Parable of the Pie

Okay, it really isn't a parable, but it sounds good, don't you think?

Why we must always say NO to liberal Democrats, and why we should be proud to be the PARTY OF NO.

Let's start with a nice apple pie, which represents your freedom.

Now, remember what you learned in geometry class in high school. If you walk half-way to a wall, and each time thereafter when you move, you walk half-way to a wall, you will never arrive at the wall. Eventually, the wall will be so close to you that the space between you and the wall will seem not to exist, and the space will be worthless to you.

Now, back to the pie. The Democrats ask for half the pie. Our RINOs say no, you can only have 1/4 of the pie... in other words, they compromise.

A little while later, the Democrats come back to our RINOs and ask for half of what is left of the pie. Again, our RINOs say no. You can only have 1/4 of the pie, the RINOs reach across the aisle and compromise. And again, the same scenario, and then again and again. Eventually, what is left of the pie will become so small as to be worthless. That, my friends, is called incrementalism.

And that is why we must always say NO to liberal Democrats.

Be proud to be part of the PARTY OF NO.


  1. Agree! Just say "NO". Fair analogy that is self explanatory but I wonder how many ppl outside of this blog can see past the nose on their face, lol!!!

  2. AND I want to make an apple pie tomorrow. Thanks for the calories Mike. Wait a minute. There won't be any calories, as you pointed out-there's no more pie ;-)