Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tea Partiers

The Tea Party movement has become bigger and louder and more influential than the peace marches of the 60s & 70s. The reason is simple: Millions of Americans are fed-up with a government and politicians that serve themselves and not the people to whom they swore to be "Public Servants."

Government takeover of the private sector, including a government that wants to control your healthcare and your salary and the kind of car you drive and what you are permitted to hear on the airwaves and how many cows you are allowed to have and how much electricity you may use and take your money away from you to feed their appetite for power and spending rather than yours, is a government on the road to dictatorship, whether benevolent or not.

There are three types of power available to the American people: Military Power, Political Power and Financial Power. Now is the time for us to act while we are still in control of the latter two.

Attend a Tea Party this summer. For a Tea Party near you, log on to, or contact You may also follow us on Twitter at Powerof5USA, or on FaceBook at mikeaveryco. In Northeast Pennsylvania, log on to

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