Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lights Out For GOP?

Will the last person leaving the Republican party please turn out the lights? That's what they say. We say, NO WAY!

There are millions of Republicans in the United States who are demanding that the Republican party be restored to its rightfull owners: WE THE PEOPLE.

It is we the people who gave part of the prize to Republican leadership in 1994... control of the House of Representatives, which came about as a result of the "Contract with America." Then, in the early 21st Century, we the people gave all of the prize to Republican leadership... the presidency, the House and the Senate. The result? They threw it away.

Now, it's up to us to reclaim what is ours by restoring the Republican party to its greatness. We will not compromise. We the people will take back what belongs to us based on sound Republican principles:

Respect for the Constitution
Respect for life
Belief in limited government
Responsibility for ourselves

Those four points describing the basics of Conservatism were presented to a conservative group in Washington early in 2009... by 14 year-old Jonathon Krohn. If he gets it, the adults in the Republican party should also get it, wouldn't you think?

Well, we do get it, don't we? And it makes no difference who you are, nor what race you are, nor what religion you are, nor what political party you are, the answer to the Republican party's goal of reclaiming its greatness is in your hands. Give us your ideas and your dreams and your energy, and we promise you that you will be heard, you will be paid attention to, and you will help us to return the Republican party to its rightfull owners... WE THE PEOPLE!

The Republican Party. You Can Live It. We promise

Now, help us to make that promise come true. Comments on this blog are requested. We are dedicated to bringing the Republican message to all Americans, everywhere, throughout the United States.

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