Wednesday, August 5, 2009

GOP & Obama's Stealthcare

Currently, Democrats and Republicans are debating several issues that have caught the attention of the American people. The three most urgent are: 1. Healthcare. 2. Cap & Trade.
3. Card Check. All three seem to be instilling a fear in the American people that they are losing their freedoms.

Republicans have done a very good job of identifying problems with each of the three issues as they have been proposed by Democrats. On the flip side, Republicans have not been able to articulate a positive solution to the problems they have correctly identified. Therein lies one of the biggest problems the Republican party faces as it heads toward the major elections of 2010... we're very good at the negative, not so good at the positive.

So... where do we begin?

May I be so bold as to suggest that we start at the bottom and work our way to the top? All too often, the Republican party and its candidates have conducted campaigns from the 10th floor, looking down to the people at "street-level" as if they are an afterthought. Suggestion: Let's start at street-level and bring the "street smarts" of the American people to the 10th floor. Then, not only will we be benefitting from the ideas those "street-level" folk will bring to our party, but we will also be earning their votes.

Now, let's talk a little bit about the one issue that is causing the most concern for Americans today: Healthcare.

According to the June, 2009 American Pulse Survey* 57.6% of Americans say the U.S. government is trying to intervene in too many areas. (84.9% of Republicans, 61.7% of Independents & 37.1% of Democrats share those sentiments, says American Pulse.) The survey also reveals that 78% of adults 18+ think that the U.S. government is taking on too much debt.

Healthcare reform as proposed by the Obama administration is guaranteed to increase the national debt by at least a trillion dollars over the next decade. Additionally, the American Pulse Survey tells us that 42.3% of Americans believe that government cannot provide better healthcare than the private sector, 32.2% say government can, and 25.5% say they don't know. These figures should be a wake-up call for both Republicans and Democrats. Clearly indentifying the healthcare problem, real or political in nature, must be the first priority of both parties.

Once the real problem is identified, both parties must work together to offer a solution, and not force-feed a healthcare program down the throats of the American people as is currently being done. When government takeover of the private sector scares the *%^$ out of the American people, trust me, something is dangerously wrong, because... the American people, not government, know what is best for our country.

So, Republicans, give us a realistic view of the healthcare problem in the U.S., including the actual number of legal residents who are involuntarily uninsured. Then, offer a solution that DOES NOT put government in charge of deciding who gets healthcare and who doesn't by leaving it in the hands of the private sector, but with regulation in much the same way utilities are regulated... at the state level.

Enough for this time. We'll take up Cap & Trade and Card Check next time.

Mike Avery

*The American Pulse Survey is collected on-line by BIGresearch. To voice your opinion: For info about BIGresearch:

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