Monday, June 8, 2009

Never Before?

Never before in the history of the United States have so few screwed up so much is such a short time. Let's recap: The economy, even more down the tubes, no end in sight per the president. The military to be cut. Foreign realtions, you name it... Israel/Hezbollah, Iran, North Korea (but the Europeans think we're great because we apologize for all the "bad" things we've done.) Health care, get ready to stay sick, and to wait in line to die ("Soylent Green" anyone? You can Google Soylent Green. but go to the plot line and ignore the liberal slant on global warming at the beginning. Want a clue? Soylent Green is you, after waiting in line to die. Great old movie every conservative should revisit. Probably couldn't get made today.)

Hey, am I nuts to think like this? Or am I predicting the future? What say you?


  1. Hey Mike, you're doing a great job. Looking forward to working with you to win some elections!

    steve maloney

  2. nice blog Mike.... man you are waaaayyy too
    into this blog stuff now man!hehehehehe.... Steve