Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Abortion -- Is it Genocide?

Some disturbing statistics learned today, February 9, 2011.

Five times as many Blacks have abortions as do Whites. Two times as many Blacks have abortions as do Latinos.

Gerald Nadler is a Democrat congressman from New York. In his district, for every 1,000 Black babies who are born alive, 1,489 are killed by abortion.

Planned Parenthood arranged 324,000 abortions last year, most of which were performed on Black women. Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, whose goal was to "purify" the human race. Planned Parenthood receives more than $350 million in taxpayer funds each year, and its activities are encouraged and endorsed by Democrats. Every Planned Parenthood billboard I have seen depicts either a Black teenage girl or a Latino teenage girl as part of their message. NEVER have I seen a blonde, blue eyed teenage girl on one of their billboards.

What has become known as Obamacare provides for taxpayer funded abortions. Obamacare is a Democrat-backed law that is opposed by Republicans and most Americans.

So... can anybody explain to me why Blacks overwhelmingly vote for Democrats each election cycle? Race suicide by government maybe? And isn't that called genocide?


  1. The war over abortion is a war over unalienable individual rights.

    Classical liberals, Objectivists, and Democrats argue that a woman has the RIGHT to control her own body and the RIGHT to have an abortion. The craziest of the Democrats, but NOT the Objectivists or Liberals, go so far as to claim that the Taxpayers should fund abortions.

    Conservatives, Churches, and Republicans argue that the growing fetus in a woman's womb has the RIGHT to Life. The craziest of these groups claim the RIGHT to Life starts at the moment of conception. This would mean that every woman is a slave of the State the minute she becomes pregnant.

    Ayn Rand, the Founder of Objectivism, says that initiating physical force against any individual is the supreme violation of their RIGHTS. Therefore, since the woman is an independent individual, the State may NOT initiate force against her by Forcing her to bear an unwanted child. In addition, since the woman is an independent individual, while the fetus is completely dependent on her, the woman's RIGHTs are primary until the baby is born and becomes and independent individual whose Life is under the protection of the law.

    My own view is that the woman has the RIGHT and plenty of time to abort a pregnancy up to the point of viability of the fetus. However, it is irrational to wait longer than the point of viability to abort a fetus. The woman does NOT lose the RIGHT to an abortion after that point, but she desserves social, NOT State or Legal, condemnation for her irrational actions, if she chooses an abortion after that point.

  2. A couple of comments come to mind. First, I believe that many Black people are truly undereducated about the origination of abortion clinics. They have no idea that they were the targeted victims. The information should be posted everywhere so everyone knows that abortion was meant to control racial differences by eliminating them all together and allowing only the perfect Nordic feature of a white person while executing the unborn black child. Blacks need to be well informed. And is this not what Hitler did when he killed millions of Jews? What is the difference? There is none. A life is a life, is a life, etc. Abortion is murdering people that have no means of self defense.

    Secondly: The only tax funded program that I would agree with concerning this topic is education. Teaching those that are irresponsible what they need to know to eliminate the possibility of bringing a new life in to this world. Abortion is NOT birth control. I repeat, ABORTION IS NOT BIRTH CONTROL! I feel I have a direct right as a Taxpayer to control where and what my money will be used for and this is against MY religious values. It seems everyone's Religious beliefs are excepted and respected EXCEPT for the Christian. If I disagree with abortion, I should have every right to a tax elimination in regards to this ludicrous outrage. I should not be FORCED to pay one red cent for anything that is against my core values.

    Thirdly: As you may have gathered by now. I am 110 percent against murdering the most innocent of all creations on this planet. It is mass murder and it's legal. This is in direct defiance of the Ten Commandments! I want my Christian beliefs to be respected for a change.
    If a woman is foolish enough to become pregnant and doesn't want the baby, give it up for adoption. She has no right to murder her child because "whoops" it was an accident. If a woman or girl is raped she can immediately go to the hospital for a DNC to avoid conception. Too many women use this as birth control and they are participating in the largest, murderous rampage that we have ever witnessed. These women and girls know they are playing Russian Roulette when they have sexual contact w/o preventing conception so they should take on the responsibility of bearing the child.
    Would I agree with my tax dollars going towards education about birth control? Ya betcha! Do I agree to be a participant in murder? Absolutely NOT!

    Run with it Mike, don't stop. People need to be aware of what's happening, black people in particular and let it be known that OUR money would partially be funding this devilish act. Did the unborn child give his or her consent to be murdered??

    Have you ever spoken with an abortion survivor? I have listened to a few speak and they love life. They are maimed and crippled but they are thankful for everyday that they get to live! You would think they'd be filled with hatred towards their mother but they aren't, they still have that childlike innocence of love.
    Abortion, what a sad and hideous act to legalize and then force those of us who are fighting against it to pay for it at the same time!!!