Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A New Morning - Maybe

Around the nation on the evening of November 2, 1010, there was much for conservatives to celebrate. Rand Paul & Marco Rubio especially repudiated the "old guard" GOP establishment while at the same time sticking it to the Democrats.

In Pennsylvania though, we were dealt only half a hand... we did stick it to the Democrats, but at the cost of political power staying in the hands of our "old guard" GOP without so much as a whimper out of Pennsylvania tea partiers... in fact, some tea parties in PA gleefully jumped aboard the PAGOP love boat to support candidates they professed to detest just a few months earlier. All in the interest of "going along to get along" and the "lesser of two evils."

Ronald Reagan made it very clear during the years he was losing elections within the Republican party that sometimes we must be willing to lose in order to grow the movement. In 1980, after losing more than once inside the GOP, the American people elected Ronald Reagan president in a landslide.

To achieve tea party conservative power in the PAGOP over the next four to eight years is going to be an uphill battle, even in the face of the positive effect the conservative tea party movement has had on elections elsewhere in our country this year. Why embrace conservatisim when the PAGOP can win elections with machine-backed RINOs?

So... HOORAY on one side of the great wins achieved by Republicans this year and disappointment on the other side.

Guess that's called a bittersweet victory.

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