Sunday, February 27, 2011

Unions vs. Pennsylvania


In Pennsylvania, public sector unions are strangling our government with debt, which in turn is strangling you, me and all PA taxpayers and we are tired of gasping for air.

From an Asociated Press article on February 23, 2011: PA labor groups vow to fight "Right to Work" bill. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett says he'll sign such a bill if it reaches his desk. Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale says, "We've got to kill it in the Legislature. We've got to drive a stake through its heart. Read the entire article here:

Other PA public sector union leaders tell us, "This is not Wisconsin." Steve Hicks, president of the Association of Pennsylvania State College & University Faculties: "We stand in solidarity with our (Wisconsin) colleagues, public school teachers and all state employees..." Read the entire article here:

"Right to Work" means that no one can be forced to join a union as a condition of employment. In non-right to work states, economies are suffering -- Michigan, New York and yes, Pennsylvania to name a few. Economies in "Right to Work" states are booming -- Texas, Nebraska, Arizona to name a few.

"Right to Work" benefits everyone. Strong economies mean more money in your pocket whether you are union or not. And YOU, not a union boss, determine whether you become a union member or do not.

Unions and their political allies are throwing millions of dollars at Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and soon Pennsylvania and elsewhere to prevent states from reducing the stranglehold public sector unions have on the pocketbooks of taxpayers. Enough is enough. Middle class private sector earners are going broke paying the salaries and benefits of public sector employees whose pay packages are twice as much as those who are paying for it. "Right to Work" can help change that.

Here's how you can help us to make that possible: Start by logging onto Look us over. If you agree with us, make a commitment to contribute $10 a month to bring choice -- and prosperity -- to Pennsylvania. Not forced unionization, but a Right to Work.

$10 a month from just 10,000 like-minded Pennsylvanians can make a world of difference as we gear up to face an all out assault from union leadership. (Of course, $15 per month, or even $25 per month will be gladly accepted. Lump sum contributions, too.)

Our objective with this Facebook post to you is to do what we can do together to encourage as many Pennsylvania legislators to follow in their Wisconsin colleagues' footsteps as possible... go hide in another state to avoid a vote.

Will you help?

Thank you,

Susan Staub, President
PA Right to Work

Mike Avery, Contributor
PA Right to Work

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Thanks again.

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