Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sam Rohrer PA Governor?

Many Conservatives in Pennsylvania are going to write in "None of the Above" when voting for PA state and federal candidates on November 2, 2010. It is our way of sending a message to the Pennsylvania Republican party that we have had it with the PAGOP and the local Republican Committees shutting out qualified candidates in the primaries and then telling us who we have to vote for in the general election.

In the race for Pennsylvania governor, an alternative has been brought to attention: It will send the same message to the Republican party as voting "None of the Above," and if enough of us get behind it, Pennsylvania will proudly stand up with Alaska, Nevada, Utah, Kentucky, Florida, Delaware and New York in saying to the Republican party that we are mad as hell and we aren't going to take it anymore... even if it means losing.

In Pennsylvania there has been little discernable difference between the Tom Ridge Republican administration of eight years ago and the Democrat Ed Rendell's current administration, especially when you consider that each increased spending by 42%. Now, many of us are going broke because of it.

If the GOP loses PA state races this time around, so be it. We have the same people who have been screwing up things for more than a decade -- and rightfully losing elections for the last eight years -- who are now telling us they are the ones who we can trust to fix everything. Come on! Who's zoomin' who here?

By sending the PAGOP a strong message on November 2nd that we have had it, next time around, a better class of losers will be able to step up and actually start winning.

In other races, "None of the Above" is still a good bet as a write in for other state races, including some congressional races.

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