Saturday, September 4, 2010

Your Tea Party & Pocono Rising

Think about what just happened in the primaries last week, and how two Tea Party wins have just completely shaken up the "old guard" GOP establishment: Carl Paladino in New York and Christine O'Donnell in Delaware. Wow! Wouldn't it have made you feel proud if we had done the same thing here in Pennsylvania?

Our tea party in Monroe County began with such promise. We were going to take back our country, reclaim control of our government and demand that our political parties and elected representatives pay attention to us "or else!"

Today, that "or else" has turned into a whimper. In Monroe County, Pennsylvania, the local tea party is marching in lock step with the local GOP, which includes promoting GOP press releases verbatim and blind, unquestioned support of GOP candidates. The local tea party is promoting "if it is Republican, it has to be good."

If this is not what you have signed up for, if you would like to take a stronger stance in determining the direction of the GOP while at the same time maintaining membership in a more traditional Republican oriented tea party (which is what we are advocating,) may we suggest Log in and decide for yourself. After all, that is what we are all about... self determination.

Think of YOUR Pocono Rising as U.S. Army Rangers working proactively within the confines of the traditional military to achieve a common goal.

And think about this, also: In August, after ripping into Senator Jim Demint, former senate majority leader and Senator Trent Lott proclaimed that "When those Tea Party candidates get to Washington, we are going to co-opt them." We say, NO WAY!

How about you? We'll see you at the Founders TEA Party Patriots meeting next Monday evening at 7PM at the Hughes Library in Stroudsburg.

Ethan Koelsch, Luis Bermudez & Mike Avery
Pocono Rising - A Proactive Tea Party Club

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  1. Please don't start splitting things up...

  2. dang58, not splitting things up, working to give all a stronger stance rather than to lie down and accept the same agenda that has come very close to making the Republican party into the third party... this is their last chance, we must keep the heat on them to insure that they do not revert to the old ways that got us to where we are today.