Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tea Party vs. Pennsylvania GOP

There seems to be a tremendous amount of resistance to the tea party movement by the GOP in Pennsylvania, unless of course, the tea party is willing to be co-opted.

For example, our tea party here in Monroe County, Pennsylvania, has proudly announced via one of its "board members" that it is working closely with the Monroe County Republican Committee to elect Republicans in November. Isn't that the opposite of why the tea party was formed in the first place?

There is a big difference between a tea party endorsing a candidate or candidates considered compatible with the tea party movement and a tea party working closely with any political party to help them elect their candidates on their terms.

There is no reason why anyone in the tea party movement cannot vote for whomever they choose and there is no one in the tea party movement who would argue otherwise. However, when a tea party aligns itself with a political party, and therefore commits its members to that decision... BY DICTATE, it doesn't seem to pass the sniff test... what say you?


  1. Yeah Lew Rockwell always points out that the Tea Party is being co-opted by the neo"conservatives" (FDR pro-business big-government pro-war liberals) playing on our desperation to settle with Sarah Palin rather than the conservatives and libertarians who got the Tea Party started.

    It also seems that having won primaries most "Tea Party candidates" have abandoned non-mainstream views ("I take back wanting repeal the 16th/17th/Fed/SS/Medicaid/Medicare/etc").

    I don't trust anything other than going back to big-government Bush neo"conservatism" next year, only to be followed by big-government Obama socialism after that. Nobody is committed to small government because big business has abandoned it.

    Nice blog. Have to add you to my blogroll and RSS.