Saturday, November 21, 2009

The PA Common Sense Club 2010

As a result of a meeting held in Stroudsburg, PA on November 19, 2009, we are ready to take the next step toward reclaiming our government, and if you happen to be a Republican, our party. Now, we must take action that will include you in everything we do.

Here are the names of the participants in the November 19th meeting: Steve Johnson, candidate for PA Lt. Governor Chris Paige, candidate for Congress, 11th PA Congressional District and James Jones, candidate for Congress, 8th PA Congressional District (info by searching jj2010 on Facebook, website being developed.) Also in attendance were "street-level" Pennsylvanians Steve Miller, Caroline & Brad Strasser and Mike Avery, who wrote this post.

We concluded that the reason there are so many splinter (conservative oriented) groups around Pennsylvania is because of mass rejection of the Democrats, and of the "old guard" PAGOP and its various county committee "old guard" members and their "good old boy" agenda. The "new guard" refuse to play the "old guard" game and have struck out on their own. Here are just a few examples:

The 912ers. The Tea Party groups. The Tri-State Sons of Liberty. Lehigh Valley Conservatives. West End Republicans. The PA New Majority Council. And now, the PA Common Sense Club 2010. This is just off the top of our heads without any research. When researched, we'll find hundreds of such groups around Pennsylvania, and in those groups hundreds of thousands of people. Together, we will have the strength of many. Right now, each group has a limited circle of influence... when we join together, coordinate our activities and focus our strength, we can achieve the power to elect the representatives who we are confident will represent us and not the "old guard" good old boys.

Agreed: We must raise our own umbrella and gather our state-wide like-minded Pennsylvanians under it with us. Then, those who find themselves under the old, full of holes umbrella can choose to stay and get wet, or they can join with us to provide a real victory for all Pennsylvanians.

On non-partisanship: Whether all of us who will work together to build this coalition believe that party identity is a good thing or is not a good thing, may we say this: In most rooms, there are only an elephant and a donkey. The overwhelming majority of candidates and "street-level" Pennsylvanians who share our Conservative values wear the elephant pin on their lapel. So in most cases we will be working to elect a Republican. But, we will be working to elect our Republican, not a RINO and not, in many cases, the PAGOP's Republican. And if a third or fourth-party candidate emerges somewhere who is a true Conservative, so be it... we'll do what we can to help get them elected.

But, and it's a big but... to accomplish what we hope to accomplish -- at this level -- will require you to be on board. Let us know where you stand. Either make a comment on this blog, return to Facebook and comment on the post that contained the link to this page, send a direct message to us by clicking on my picture on Facebook, or E-mail us at my E-mail address:

Our future is up to you. Thanks,

Mike Avery


  1. We will do it..... we have no other choice.... 2010 is soon here....

  2. You mentioned a 3rd party candidate, I absolutely do not support any such thing. At this point we are going to need every vote and splitting our vote will result in a loss. Conservative candidates in the republican party will get my vote.I hope our future candidates realize that a clear concise conservative message will be what wins the day.