Friday, September 25, 2009

Welcome to Where You Live

If You Can Dream It, You Can Live It.

The Republican Party. You Can Live It.

Now, we have to live up to the theme of that headline. So, I ask a rhetorical question: Why can't Republicans win in traditional Democrat strongholds? Easy answer: We don't go in there and sell ourselves. In fact, we cringe at the thought. The result? We are now cringing at the thought of what the Democrats are doing to our country. So, which cringe should we overcome first? You bet, the cringe that will take us to where the votes are.

You never get the sale unless you ask for the order. Just showing up is half the battle. It is not easy to hate someone who you have seen up close, especially if they actually talk to you.

By just asking those living in the inner cities to vote for us, in person, on the ground, some will, and that's a start. Maybe even a better start than we have ever had.

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