Friday, March 26, 2010

Who to Support?

Are we going to be co-opted, or what?

In the race for governor in Pennsylvania, there is one Conservative candidate and one "old guard" GOP candidate wanting to run against the Democrat candidate. In the 11th congressional race, there is only one GOP candidate seeking the nomination to oppose the Obama/Rendell tax & spend liberal Democrat. The GOP candidate is not a true Conservative, he is more of an "old guard" Republican.

The official position of the Tea Party movement and the 9/12ers is to support only Conservative candidates no matter which political party they belong to, and if there is no Conservative candidate running, to either run a candidate of their own or just sit out the election.

The following paragraph is not directed at anyone or any group in particular. However, I do read all E-mails, notices and other posts, and I would ask you to think about this: to be co-opted means to abandon your principles in order to be accepted by another on their terms.

Too many of us seem to be reverting to the old Republican ways that got us to where we are today: nominating a candidate we think has the best chance of winning, and/or the lesser of two evils.

Please remember this, the Tea Party and the 9/12 movement stands on this: it is not up to us to be accepted by the GOP, it is up to the GOP to be accepted by us.

Recently, CBS released a poll that showed 36% of Republicans consider themselves to be part of the Tea Party movement. Other respected polls put the number of Tea Partiers who are Republican at 72%.

Please don't let the glamour of an "old guard" GOP candidate paying some attention to you compromise your principles. You are more important to the GOP than the GOP is to you. Believe it!

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