Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bye, Bye John McCain?

Last night, I had the opportunity to participate in a conference call with J.D. Hayworth, who is running against John McCain for the Republican senate nomination in Arizona.

Since announcing his run for the senate several days ago, Hayworth has been endorsed by Arizona's Sheriff Joe, by Chris Simcox, who dropped out of the senate race to support Hayworth, and by Mark Levin.

In the preliminary discussion before Hayworth joined the meeting:

GOP must be rebuilt from the inside out.
Third party threat will help force GOP to give Tea Partiers a decision-making seat at the table.
Republican Tea Partiers in general say they have been betrayed by elected Republicans.
Tea Party role in Scott Brown victory in Massachusetts.

Questions to ask Hayworth:

Are you a Birther?
How are you going to handle illegal immigration vs. McCain's amnesty?
Has McCain supported you during your career in the House of Representatives?

After his opening "stump" speech to us, Hayworth talked and sounded like a regular guy as he exchanged ideas with us.

On being a Birther: NO.
On illegal immigration: He is going to continue to oppose amnesty and encourage beefed-up border security and the FENCE.
On McCain's support of him during his congressional years: Early on, yes. Then in 1998 McCain started moving to the left, and since then McCain's support of him has been minimal. In 2006, when Hayworth lost his house seat, McCain barely spoke up in his support.

Hayworth is strong on reducing size and scope of government, reducing taxes, Constitutional integrity, and in making sure that he is accessible to the people.

My vote: Yes to endorse Hayworth in his bid to win the Arizona nomination for the U.S. Senate.


Mike Avery

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