Friday, April 16, 2010

D.C. April 15, 2010

Energy, enthusiasm and determination filled the streets of Washington, D.C. on April 15, 2010 as thousands of Tea Partiers from around the country gathered to voice their opposition to the Obama government, and to what Teaple believe is the current government's agenda of ending personal liberty as it races full-throttle to socialize the United States.

At Freedom Plaza, On Line Tax Revolt hosted an event highlighted by an appearance by Michelle Bachmann, the feisty Conservative lawmaker from Minnesota. As usual, she wowed the crowd of several thousand with her speech, calling on Tea Partiers to rally behind "constitutional conservatives" in opposition to Democrats and saying about the Obama government, "We're on to this gangster government, I say it's time for these little piggies to go home."

One of the highlights of the day was the small Tea Party group from Midland, Tennessee. They sponsored a "political karaoke" inviting those in the audience up to the make-shift stage to make their own statements during a two-hour "open mike" that started at 4PM... on the West Lawn of the Capitol! The impromptu orators were evenly divided between young and older, with at least half being college-age or younger, a great sign that the Tea Party movement is gaining more universal appeal.

Then came the nighttime at the Washington Monument. Senator Jim DeMint, Marcia Blackburn, Hi-Caliber, SNL alumni Victoria Jackson and "The Streak" Ray Stevens ignited the crowd. Jackson played her "uke" and got the audience going as they chanted together, "There's a communist in the White House."

Hi-Caliber, our country's only Conservative Hip Hop artist drew cheers as he proved to the crowd that Rap and Conservative politics DO mix.

Ray Stevens gave the crowd five songs just for starters, including a stirring rendition of the "Star Spangled Banner" that had many in the crowd wiping away tears of pride and of joy. He promised more later, and he delivered.

17 of your proud Founders TEA Party Patriots from Monroe County, Pennsylvania were there, and you were well represented.

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