Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Jeb Bush for President?

While governor of Florida, Jeb blocked off-shore drilling for oil while you paid $4 for a gallon of gas. Today, because of domestic drilling on private U.S. lands, the threat to OPEC's domination of the world oil market has resulted in an average of $2.60 per gallon gas throughout the country. Jeb favors open borders, calling illegal aliens who come to this country over our southern border "Dreamers" who deserve our support. Still want Jeb Bush for president?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Bush's Fault?

The next time a Democrat wants to argue that the economy is Bush's fault, that he made it so bad that no president, according to Bill Clinton, could fix it in just four years, offer them facts: In 2006, the economy under Bush was just fine. Full employment was a reality. Then, after a six-year Bush-bashing by the Democrats and the once-great mass media, in November, 2006 Democrats won control of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. In 2007, the great recession was under way. By May, 2008, the great recession began to gain speed, fueled by the Clinton era mortgage crisis caused by banks being forced by the Federal goverment to grant home loans to unqualified borrowers. In November, 2008, Barack Obama was elected president. For the next two years, Democrats controlled the U.S. House, the U.S. Senate and the U.S. presidency. In 2009 and in 2010, the great recession worsened. In November, 2010, Republicans won control of the U.S. House but were unable to win control of the U.S. Senate. President Obama continued to have most everything his way, the ecomomy got worse, and our standing in the world became diminished culminating with the most recent disaster in the middle east. 'nough said?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Unions vs. Pennsylvania


In Pennsylvania, public sector unions are strangling our government with debt, which in turn is strangling you, me and all PA taxpayers and we are tired of gasping for air.

From an Asociated Press article on February 23, 2011: PA labor groups vow to fight "Right to Work" bill. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett says he'll sign such a bill if it reaches his desk. Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale says, "We've got to kill it in the Legislature. We've got to drive a stake through its heart. Read the entire article here: http://t.co/2VDorLf

Other PA public sector union leaders tell us, "This is not Wisconsin." Steve Hicks, president of the Association of Pennsylvania State College & University Faculties: "We stand in solidarity with our (Wisconsin) colleagues, public school teachers and all state employees..." Read the entire article here: http://t.co/u5rIBn6

"Right to Work" means that no one can be forced to join a union as a condition of employment. In non-right to work states, economies are suffering -- Michigan, New York and yes, Pennsylvania to name a few. Economies in "Right to Work" states are booming -- Texas, Nebraska, Arizona to name a few.

"Right to Work" benefits everyone. Strong economies mean more money in your pocket whether you are union or not. And YOU, not a union boss, determine whether you become a union member or do not.

Unions and their political allies are throwing millions of dollars at Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and soon Pennsylvania and elsewhere to prevent states from reducing the stranglehold public sector unions have on the pocketbooks of taxpayers. Enough is enough. Middle class private sector earners are going broke paying the salaries and benefits of public sector employees whose pay packages are twice as much as those who are paying for it. "Right to Work" can help change that.

Here's how you can help us to make that possible: Start by logging onto http://www.parighttowork.org Look us over. If you agree with us, make a commitment to contribute $10 a month to bring choice -- and prosperity -- to Pennsylvania. Not forced unionization, but a Right to Work.

$10 a month from just 10,000 like-minded Pennsylvanians can make a world of difference as we gear up to face an all out assault from union leadership. (Of course, $15 per month, or even $25 per month will be gladly accepted. Lump sum contributions, too.)

Our objective with this Facebook post to you is to do what we can do together to encourage as many Pennsylvania legislators to follow in their Wisconsin colleagues' footsteps as possible... go hide in another state to avoid a vote.

Will you help?

Thank you,

Susan Staub, President
PA Right to Work

Mike Avery, Contributor
PA Right to Work

P.S. You can also help by "Sharing" this post with your FB friends if you see fit.
Thanks again.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Abortion -- Is it Genocide?

Some disturbing statistics learned today, February 9, 2011.

Five times as many Blacks have abortions as do Whites. Two times as many Blacks have abortions as do Latinos.

Gerald Nadler is a Democrat congressman from New York. In his district, for every 1,000 Black babies who are born alive, 1,489 are killed by abortion.

Planned Parenthood arranged 324,000 abortions last year, most of which were performed on Black women. Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, whose goal was to "purify" the human race. Planned Parenthood receives more than $350 million in taxpayer funds each year, and its activities are encouraged and endorsed by Democrats. Every Planned Parenthood billboard I have seen depicts either a Black teenage girl or a Latino teenage girl as part of their message. NEVER have I seen a blonde, blue eyed teenage girl on one of their billboards.

What has become known as Obamacare provides for taxpayer funded abortions. Obamacare is a Democrat-backed law that is opposed by Republicans and most Americans.

So... can anybody explain to me why Blacks overwhelmingly vote for Democrats each election cycle? Race suicide by government maybe? And isn't that called genocide?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A New Morning - Maybe

Around the nation on the evening of November 2, 1010, there was much for conservatives to celebrate. Rand Paul & Marco Rubio especially repudiated the "old guard" GOP establishment while at the same time sticking it to the Democrats.

In Pennsylvania though, we were dealt only half a hand... we did stick it to the Democrats, but at the cost of political power staying in the hands of our "old guard" GOP without so much as a whimper out of Pennsylvania tea partiers... in fact, some tea parties in PA gleefully jumped aboard the PAGOP love boat to support candidates they professed to detest just a few months earlier. All in the interest of "going along to get along" and the "lesser of two evils."

Ronald Reagan made it very clear during the years he was losing elections within the Republican party that sometimes we must be willing to lose in order to grow the movement. In 1980, after losing more than once inside the GOP, the American people elected Ronald Reagan president in a landslide.

To achieve tea party conservative power in the PAGOP over the next four to eight years is going to be an uphill battle, even in the face of the positive effect the conservative tea party movement has had on elections elsewhere in our country this year. Why embrace conservatisim when the PAGOP can win elections with machine-backed RINOs?

So... HOORAY on one side of the great wins achieved by Republicans this year and disappointment on the other side.

Guess that's called a bittersweet victory.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sam Rohrer PA Governor?

Many Conservatives in Pennsylvania are going to write in "None of the Above" when voting for PA state and federal candidates on November 2, 2010. It is our way of sending a message to the Pennsylvania Republican party that we have had it with the PAGOP and the local Republican Committees shutting out qualified candidates in the primaries and then telling us who we have to vote for in the general election.

In the race for Pennsylvania governor, an alternative has been brought to attention: http://www.samrohrerwritein.org. It will send the same message to the Republican party as voting "None of the Above," and if enough of us get behind it, Pennsylvania will proudly stand up with Alaska, Nevada, Utah, Kentucky, Florida, Delaware and New York in saying to the Republican party that we are mad as hell and we aren't going to take it anymore... even if it means losing.

In Pennsylvania there has been little discernable difference between the Tom Ridge Republican administration of eight years ago and the Democrat Ed Rendell's current administration, especially when you consider that each increased spending by 42%. Now, many of us are going broke because of it.

If the GOP loses PA state races this time around, so be it. We have the same people who have been screwing up things for more than a decade -- and rightfully losing elections for the last eight years -- who are now telling us they are the ones who we can trust to fix everything. Come on! Who's zoomin' who here?

By sending the PAGOP a strong message on November 2nd that we have had it, next time around, a better class of losers will be able to step up and actually start winning.

In other races, "None of the Above" is still a good bet as a write in for other state races, including some congressional races.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Your Tea Party & Pocono Rising

Think about what just happened in the primaries last week, and how two Tea Party wins have just completely shaken up the "old guard" GOP establishment: Carl Paladino in New York and Christine O'Donnell in Delaware. Wow! Wouldn't it have made you feel proud if we had done the same thing here in Pennsylvania?

Our tea party in Monroe County began with such promise. We were going to take back our country, reclaim control of our government and demand that our political parties and elected representatives pay attention to us "or else!"

Today, that "or else" has turned into a whimper. In Monroe County, Pennsylvania, the local tea party is marching in lock step with the local GOP, which includes promoting GOP press releases verbatim and blind, unquestioned support of GOP candidates. The local tea party is promoting "if it is Republican, it has to be good."

If this is not what you have signed up for, if you would like to take a stronger stance in determining the direction of the GOP while at the same time maintaining membership in a more traditional Republican oriented tea party (which is what we are advocating,) may we suggest http://www.meetup.com/poconorising. Log in and decide for yourself. After all, that is what we are all about... self determination.

Think of YOUR Pocono Rising as U.S. Army Rangers working proactively within the confines of the traditional military to achieve a common goal.

And think about this, also: In August, after ripping into Senator Jim Demint, former senate majority leader and Senator Trent Lott proclaimed that "When those Tea Party candidates get to Washington, we are going to co-opt them." We say, NO WAY!

How about you? We'll see you at the Founders TEA Party Patriots meeting next Monday evening at 7PM at the Hughes Library in Stroudsburg.

Ethan Koelsch, Luis Bermudez & Mike Avery
Pocono Rising - A Proactive Tea Party Club

You may E-mail: mikeaveryco@msn.com lbermudez@sga-advisors.com ethan@awholeapparel.com